Olives, Graber
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The Graber Difference "Tree-Ripeness" The succulent texture and nut-like appearance of the Graber Olive is difficult to describe in words alone! This rare combination of delicious flavor and succulence keeps family and guests asking for more! Graber Olives are allowed to mature on the trees to a cherry-red color which denotes tree-ripeness. Olive No. 1 and similar olives on the branch at left are selected by the pickers for the Graber process. (California canned black olives labeled "Ripe Olives" are picked from the trees while firm and green in color as shown by Olive No. 2 in the picture. During the curing process, the color changes to a uniform black color.) The cherry-red colored and tender tree-ripened Graber Olives are carefully hand picked and cured in covered vats without being oxidized. After the curing and canning processes, the olives are of varying shades of nut-like color. With the Graber process,...
Olives, Greek, 12oz
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Greek Black Dried Olives (Raw, Sustainably-grown) 12 oz These are fabulous raw, free grown, unsprayed, sun-ripened, black olives cured in olive oil and celtic sea salt. An incredible quality specialty olive that has a slight smokey flavor. These olives are mentioned in popular raw food books. Olives have helped many of us at Live Live & Organic always stay happy and satisfied on our raw food diet and especially during our transition to raw foods. Olives are fun. Contains Pits. Ingredients: Olives, Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt Net Dry Wt.: 12 oz (pint jars)
Purple Olives
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Sevillana Olives with aji chili, pitted, 8oz bag
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Sevillana Olives with Herbs, Pitted, 8oz bag
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Sevillana Olives with Sea Salt, Pitted, 8oz bag
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Sevillana Olives, No Salt
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Ingredients: Sun Dried Sevillana Olives