Gluten-Free Snacks & Foods

Curated to take the worry off your mind, enjoy these artisan snacks and foods that are free of Gluten.

Living Nutz, Sprouted and Flavored Raw Nuts
$ 9.50
These raw food nuts are not roasted or baked! All our flavored and unflavored almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts are made with organic/unpasteurized nuts! **************** Divine Chocolate Walnuts The name says it all...these walnuts are divinely delicious! Ingredients: Certified Organic: Walnuts, Cacao Powder, Agave*, Mesquite Powder, Vanilla Beans, Celtic Sea Salt, Coconut Oil. 3oz **************** Galactic Onion-Garlic Pistachios Pistachio lovers take note: this savory snack is hard to put down! Great for use in salads, casseroles, or any raw food recipe. Certified Organic Ingredients: Pistachios, Gluten-Free Tamari, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Olive Oil, Cayenne. 3oz  **************** I Love Vegan Cheezy Almonds An original recipe that takes dangerously like real cheese! Certified Organic Ingredients: Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Gluten-Free Tamari, Red Pepper, Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, Lemon. 3oz  **************** Mayan Chili Pistachios A warm Southwestern delight; your taste buds will tingle with the flavors of culture! Certified organic Ingredients: Pistachios, Onion Powder,...
Sunbiotics Almonds
$ 5.50
A delicious and healthy gourmet snack with the benefits of probiotics. Our patent pending process begins by sprouting raw, organic almonds and then generously coating them with nutritional yeast, sea salt and our potent probiotic blend (8 billion per package*). Low temperature drying is used to increase crunchiness, preserve nutrients and probiotic potency. Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Raw Almonds, Nutritional Yeast, Sea Salt, Probiotic Blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum,B. lactis, B. longum. Note: Our products are Dairy Free, No Soy, Non-Gmo, No Wheat, No Eggs, No Maltodextrin, No Corn, No Carriers, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives. 
Trail Mix, 4.5oz, Longevity Foods
$ 11.95
A hearty and easy to digest Trail Mix. Taste and feel the difference. The soaking of the nuts, sprouting of the seeds and low-temperature dehydration increases nutrition, eases digestion and enhances flavor! Ingredients: Soaked, peeled and dehydrated almonds, soaked and dehydrated pecans and walnuts. Sprouted and dehydrated pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins and cranberries.