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A liquid Oxygen supplement

Oxygen Extreme™ 3.0 is a dietary supplement made possible due to advances in the concentration and stabilization of oxygen. A liquid oxygen supplement produced with a proprietary process that involves distilled water, electric current, and 99.9% food-grade salt (no additives) to create bioavailable, dissolved, stable oxygen.

This product is used both internally (by oral ingestion) and topically.

Product Benefits:

• 3x higher concentration for increased therapeutic potency!

• Supports a healthy immune system.

• Antimicrobial properties.

• Totally non-toxic.

• Supports healing of wounds when used topically.

• Supports concentration and alertness.

• Calming for nervous system.

• Boosts cellular energy production.

• Supports athletic performance.

• Supports detoxification.

Serving Size (dropper): 2 dropper fulls (approx. 35 drops)

Serving Size (spray): 7 sprays (approx. 1 ml)


Purified water, sodium chloride (salt), oxygen

Contains NO sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide.

Suggested Use (spray): 

7 sprays in/ on throat, mouth, or skin, as needed.

Suggested Use (dropper): 

2 dropper fulls in/on throat, mouth or skin, as needed. Drops may be divided to mask the slight flavor, or consumed all at once. Can be mixed with non-acidic fluids (ideally, fresh, raw vegetable juices or purified water). Do not mix with acidic fluids and avoid contact with metal. 

Internal Use: Place serving under tongue and hold in place for one minute, or simply swallow drops (best on empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating). May be mixed with purified water. Do not mix with acidic fluids (orange juice, lemon juice, vinegars, etc.). Also avoid contact with metal and food, as these substances may cause oxidation reactions that decrease utilizable oxygen content of this product.

External Use: Apply directly to affected area - spray is recommended for external applications. Drops can be applied to bandage or gauze pad for external use.

For Oral Hygiene: After brushing/flossing, place a serving in mouth and swish around for 2-3 minutes. Helps support health of gums.*

For Sinus Health: Place drops directly into nose. You may also add Oxygen Extreme™ to the water in a neti pot.

For Throat Irritation: Spray may be used for direct application on affected area. Drops can be placed in back of throat and gargled for as long as you can before swallowing.

Suggested Adjuncts: Earth™, Vitamineral Green™, Spirulina Manna™, Elixir of the Lake™, and Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer will all help improve oxygen levels and/or utilization in the body. Aerobic exercise and deep breathing exercises can help increase oxygen levels in your blood. Also, adding houseplants to your indoor environments will both purify the air and increase the oxygen content, effectively delivering more oxygen to your body. Finally, cooking significantly reduces oxygen content of foods, so eating more fresh, raw, uncooked plant foods and juices contributes more oxygen to your body.