Early Harvest, 16.9 fl oz, Bariani Olive Oil

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What is Early Harvest Olive Oil?

This extra virgin olive oil is produced entirely from green olives we harvest from our orchards in October. It is high in chlorophyll which explains its green color and grassy flavor. It is well balanced, robust but with an artichoke-grassy finish. Because green olives don't contain much olive oil, it is inevitably more expensive to produce.

Perfect on mozzarella cheese, for bruschetta or fresh on seafood, it will certainly highlight any dish you prepare. This olive oil is available in limited quantity!

An aspect of our extra virgin olive oil is that it will differ in flavor and taste every year due to our traditional process of extraction.

However, you will always find the same subtle characteristics that differentiate our olive oil from any other and that accommodate even the most discriminating palate. A great complement to any food and a perfect choice at any special occasion.

The olive tree, Olea europaea, has been cultivated for olive oil, fine wood, olive leaf, and the olive fruit.

Archaeological finds proving that the Minoans used olive oil in their daily lives are found everywhere in Crete. The Minoans used olive oil in their diet, as a cleanser, as the base for scents and ointments, as a medicine, in tanning, for lighting and to protect delicate surfaces.

The olive tree was a particularly important symbol for the ancient Greeks. It was connected to their diet and their religion, and was used as a decorative motif on vases, in gold jewelry and elsewhere. It was considered a symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity. That is why the winners of the Olympic Games were crowned with a wreath of wild olive.

Olive oil was also a valuable medicine in the hands of ancient Greek doctors.

Hippocrates mentions 60 different conditions which could be treated with it, such as skin conditions, wounds and burns, gynecological ailments, ear infections and many others.