bee yummy honey mask, live live & organic

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The best organic hydrating facial treatment for flawless skin.

This honey-based facial treatment will leave your skin totally happy, rejuvenated, and baby smooth. Used by many celebrities, make-up artists, and skin care professionals. You can apply it for 20-30 min and wash it off but people "in the know" leave it on overnight for the most amazing results. See our other signature product bee yummy™ skin food.

bee yummy honey mask is live live & organic's all-natural revitalizing mask.

The powerful honey extract cleanses and moisturizes skin cells to leave skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before. With its energizing and purifying properties, this honey mask rejuvenates your complexion and leaves your skin feeling revitalized.

Honey Mask ingredient benefits:

Honey Cappings is a precious substance that bees make and beekeepers keep for themselves. Scientists don’t even know the full composition or action of honey cappings. We know that once the bees cover each chamber of the comb with honey cappings, it will stay fresh for hundreds of years.  Honey Cappings has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps remove excess oil from the surface of the skin.

bee yummy honey mask is made with live, organic honey cappings as an intensive topical treatment for skin health. Our Honey Cappings have natural enzymes which are known to provide a range of skin benefits.

bee yummy honey mask is an ultra-nourishing face mask that harnesses the power of kombucha mushroom, an astringent, and detoxifying ingredient, to give skin a dewy, rejuvenated look. Experience softer, smoother skin with every use. Kombucha mushroom is similar to our liver in its detoxifying effect. It is also an excellent astringent and helps keep the proper pH of the skin.

bee yummy honey mask is a live live & organic mask enriched with royal jelly to increase collagen production, enhance elasticity, and rejuvenate skin cells. Reveal a more luminous complexion with regular use.

Ingredients: (all organic & raw) Honey Cappings, Kombucha Mushroom, Royal Jelly, Purified Water.