macadamia nuts, 4oz, live live & organic

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Truly raw Macadamia nuts from Hawaii.

Our Macadamia Nuts uses a patented cracking system (invented by Bill Whaling of Waiohinu, Hawaii) that uses a revolutionary method to crack the hard shells. Major benefits of this method are 1) fresh nuts with a high moisture content can be cracked, and 2) more whole nuts are obtained because the nuts are more resilient to the oscillation action of the cracker (The conventional method is to dry the nuts in silos, crack using compression crackers and then roast at high heat).

Our process eliminates the “pre-drying” stage altogether.

The nuts are then dehumidified to a moisture content of less than 1%. The drying temperature does not exceed 105F, so the enzymes are unchanged and the nuts are “raw.” Dehumidifying, as opposed to traditional roasting, produces nuts with a stable oil content and fresh taste not found in roasted macs. Brad is constantly fine-tuning the drying process to improve efficiency and quality as this processing method is still new to the industry. We are the only company in the world that processes macadamia nuts in this fashion.