Mood Care, 1oz, Mountain Rose Herbs

$ 18.00

Used to encourage a healthy and normal feeling of well-being.

Stressful situations can happen to us all from time to time. Don’t let that take away your sunshine! This formula includes some of our favorite herbs commonly used to encourage a healthy and normal feeling of wellbeing.


Organic kava kava root, organic gotu kola herb, organic passionflower herb, organic ginger root, organic wild lettuce herb, organic grain alcohol, and distilled water.

Ingredient Benefits:

Kava Kava: This traditional root of the Pacific Islands has a fascinating and somewhat mysterious history tracing back over 3,000 years. Piper methysticum contains a multitude of phytochemicals that help facilitate the healthful actions of this powerful herb, including kavalactones. Kava kava root promotes natural relaxation and helps in coping with stress.*

Blue Vervain: Visually striking blue vervain is often referred to as American blue vervain and wild hyssop. With a history that dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, this herb has been utilized in traditional European herbalism for its multitude of wellness properties. It is commonly appreciated as a bitter nervine. 

Oats: The florets of this botanical exude a milky white substance in their immature stage. These milky oat tops are harvested and revered by herbalists for their calming and beneficial attributes. This herbal ally is highly valued for its ability to restore balance with its nervine qualities.

Passionflower: Filled with a bounty of healthful compounds which are cooling to the body, calming to the mind, and soothing to the spirit, this botanical is considered a nervine in the practice of herbalism. Passionflower promotes natural relaxation and helps in coping with stress.*

Gotu Kola: This plant is known throughout the world as a potent botanical. It has been utilized for thousands of years in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for its beneficial properties including as an ally in supporting healthy brain functioning. Gotu kola supports overall cognitive health.*