Ultra Phos Liquid, Stone Dissolver, 2oz

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Essential for an effective Gall Bladder Flush.

Each drop supplies: Ortho-Phosphoric Acid 13 mg., Choline Bitartrate 0.27 mg., Inositol 0.57 mg. Directions for Using Ultra-Phos: Take 30 drops of Ultra-Phos diluted in 8 ounces of water, This is to be done three times a day for three days before doing the Gallbladder Flush.

Plan to begin the Ultra-Phos two days before the day you plan to do the Gallbladder Flush. You will continue taking the Ultra-Phos on the same day you will be doing the Gallbladder Flush. The Ultra-Phos is a little bitter, so you may want to dilute it even more or mix it in juice.


Purchase and prepare the following ingredients needed for the Gallbladder Flush.

Purchase the following:
3 grapefruits or 6 lemons, one 8 oz. bottle of Olive Oil.
Store grapefruit or lemons in refrigerator, but keep oil at room temperature.

Evening Procedure of Gallbladder Flush (Note: You need to make sure to have finished all of your Ultra-Phos for this day before starting the flush)

Begin by juicing your choice of fruit, lemon or grapefruit. You will need at least 6 oz. of cold, fresh squeezed juice (4 oz. to mix with olive oil and 2 oz. to drink after).

Have a napkin close by where you will be drinking the oil and juice mixture so you don't have to move or get up. Also, have the glass with 2 oz. of juice ready to drink immediately after.

Put 4 oz. of cold juice into a glass. Add 4 oz. room temperature Olive Oil. Stir very quickly with a fork, or shake in a shaker and drink quickly. Then quickly drink the other 2 oz. of juice.

Go directly to bed! Lie on your back with your head and upper body propped up. Lie still for about 20 minutes before going to sleep, then assume your normal sleeping position.