Nectarines, Stanwick, 3oz, Live Live & Organic

$ 14.00

The Stanwick Nectarine was first raised in Stanwick Park in Yorkshire, England.

The Stanwick Nectarine is a small to medium sized nectarine with green and magenta speckled skin. Its peel is slightly thicker than average and imparts a pleasant chewiness to the texture. The pale yellow-white flesh surrounds a loosely set pit that may be easily and cleanly removed. The Stanwick is known for its almost gamy flavor that is musky and tangy-sweet, with a hint of pineapple.

What's unique about live live & organic dried Nectarines?

• Organic
• Raw
• Free of: preservatives, sulfites, colorings
• Free of oils

• Rich in vit. A, C, E, niacin, potassium
• Good amount of fiber
• Low on glycemic index - only 5