Mineral Care, 1oz, Mountain Rose Herbs

$ 18.00

Cultivate your energy reserves with this botanical medley.

This blend utilizes herbs traditionally used to supplement natural minerals without causing constipation. Formulated with herbs to nourish and revitalize your body. Ideal for healthy people in need of an mineral boost.


Organic Alfalfa herb, organic Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, organic Red Raspberry leaf, Yellow Dock root, organic grain alcohol, and distilled water. Alcohol content: 45%

Ingredient Benefits:

Alfalfa: The leaves are known for their nutritious qualities. This flowering perennial is a member of the pea family and is cultivated worldwide. Medicago sativa has been used as a healthful nutritive tonic in American folk herbalism, a culinary food in India, and as a digestive support in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Dandelion: This well-known and treasured botanical has a long history of use in traditional herbal practices worldwide as a restorative tonic. Various indigenous cultures of the United States considered dandelion to be a prized edible and employed the root for healthy GI functioning, as an alterative, and in topical applications. According to TCM, this herb is energetically sweet, drying, and cooling and was often used to clear heat from the liver.

Nettle: Urtica dioica has been used worldwide for centuries in a variety of countries and cultures. It has been eaten as a wild food plant, applied topically to the skin, and drunk as an herbal tea. Nettles are rich in nutrients and offer an abundance of health benefits.

Red Raspberry: These berries are indigenous to Asia Minor and North America, with the first records of domestication coming from the writings of the ancient Roman agriculturist Palladius. Raspberry leaf is considered astringent due to the presence of tannins in its constituents. The leaves are also rich in minerals, making this a very beneficial botanical.

Yellow Dock: This herb bears long, thin leaves that curl at the edges, lending the name “curly dock”. The root of yellow dock is bright yellow below the bark, and is harvested in late summer once the seeds have begun to turn red. These thick, fleshy roots have been employed in traditional herbal practices for their wellness-supporting properties.