Healthy fats and oils are essential to our health for many reasons. We have put together a unique selection of organic oils for you to try.

black seed oil (black cumin oil), nigella sativa, 4oz, live live & organic
$ 24.00
Organic and raw Egyptian Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) Extra virgin and unfiltered. Sold in an amber bottle to protect its nutrients. Black seed oil is high in antioxidants and may have several benefits for health. These include the treatment of asthma and various skin conditions, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aiding in weight loss, and protecting brain health. Black seed oil, derived from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its potential health benefits. Here are some more of the key health benefits associated with black seed oil: Anti-inflammatory properties: Black seed oil contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions. Antioxidant activity: The oil is rich in antioxidants, such as thymoquinone, which can help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Immune...
Flax seed Oil, Hi-Lignan, 16oz, Omega Nutrition
$ 28.00
Rich source of ALA Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid. A convenient all-in-one Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) and high-fiber supplement. 25 times more SDG (Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside) Lignans than Flax Oil (4mg per 2 tsp serving). What are lignans and why do we need them? Lignans are bioactive, non-nutrient, non-caloric phenolic phytochemicals found in flax seeds. Omega Nutrition's certified organic and kosher Hi-Lignan Flaxseed Oil is an excellent source of lignans as well as omega-3 and 6 EFA's that provide nutritional support. Ingredients: Organic omegaflo® unrefined flax seed oil and flax seed powder. Contains no wheat or gluten. 100% Vegetarian and Gluten Free. BENEFITS: 100% organic Certified kosher Nature's richest vegetable source of omega-3 EFAs! HOW TO USE: One to two teaspoons daily Like Flax Oil, Hi-Lignan Flax Oil® is great in blender drinks, salad dressings, dips and butters, drizzled on pasta or rice dishes and poured on stew1s and soups just before serving....
Perfect Press, 5 Seed Blend, 250ml, Activation Products
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Perfect Press® Five Seed Blend is a powerful fusion of sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax and coriander seed oils. This blend will provide you with healthy fats and minerals for foundational nutrition. Nourishing you with the properties of five potent oils in one convenient bottle, it’s no wonder that this is our most popular oil. Every bottle contains the oil of thousands of Perfectly Pressed™ organic seeds. Our unique pressing process ensures that there is no damage to the nutritional properties. The finished product is stored in UV-protective Miron glass bottles to maintain quality over time. Zero damage equals zero rancidity. One of the most nutritious oils you can put in your body. This blend of sunflower, flax, black sesame, coriander and pumpkin seed oils is the only cellular fuel your body needs to flourish. It’s loaded with all the nourishment your body craves and healthy fats to deliver them straight to where...