Acid Kicking Plant-Based Protein, 450g, Alkamind

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Alkamind Acid Kicking Plant-Based Protein is doctor-formulated.

Our Secret – We mixed 3 core alkaline proteins + coconut oil to create a superior organic protein powder. Most protein powders use acidic ingredients like whey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and fillers which are BAD! Alkamind Daily Protein is doctor-formulated and uses nothing but the best plant-based organic alkaline ingredients to help you…GET OFF YOUR ACID!

Use as a total meal replacement, a healthy snack, or after your workout to build lean muscle mass and recover quicker.

  • Power-Packed Protein: 20g of organic plant protein per serving for lean muscle, controlled cravings, and enduring energy.
  • Plant-Based & Organic: Premium, USDA-certified organic ingredients for a perfect vegan-friendly protein boost.
  • Balanced Formula: Balanced mix of alkalizing proteins, keto fats, sprouts, and coconut oil to strengthen your body from the inside out
  • All-Natural & Allergen-Free: Dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free - safe for all dietary needs.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for meal replacement, healthy snacking, or post-workout recovery.
  • Pure & Clean: No whey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or fillers - only top-quality ingredients in every serving.

In our newest 2023 formula, we added the following powerhouse ingredients:

✔️Maca Powder - optimizes hormones, reduces hot flashes and improves fertility
✔️Turmeric - powerful anti-inflammatory
✔️Himalayan Pink Salt - contains 74 trace minerals to ALKALIZE and energize
✔️Cinnamon - balances blood sugar
Add this to 3 core alkaline proteins (hemp, sacha inchi, and pea protein) combined with healthy premium plant based keto fats (coconut oil, chia seeds, flax seeds), and 3 powerful sprouts!