Barley Grass Juice, Organic Cold Pressed Powder, 5.3oz, Pure Synergy

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Energizing, Chlorophyll-Rich Health Tonic

Our CO2 low temp-dried Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder preserves this impressive superfood in a vibrant, pure powder. At the peak of nutrition, our emerald green grasses are harvested, juiced, and dried into a fresh powder that’s a cinch to mix in juice, water, or your fave smoothie. Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder is your convenient go-to for green grass nutrition — no juicing required.

Health Benefits of Barley:

  • Rich source of chlorophyll, a traditional blood cleanser and builder
  • High percentage of plant-based protein (25-35% by weight)
  • Enzymatically bioactive to spark healthy metabolic function
  • Alkaline properties supports healthy pH balance
  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination
  • Traditionally used for boosting energy and vitality
  • Complete source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll

FRESH Ingredients:

Just after being harvested from organic farmlands, our barley grass is cold washed and juiced. Because our grass is fresh from the field, all the nutrients and goodies needed to benefit your health are fully captured.

PURE Juice:

Cold-pressed juicing protects the nutrients and makes it super easy for your body to digest and absorb. Unlike other products that are heat dried and/or loaded with fillers, carriers and additives, our juicing and low-temp drying process gives you just pure juice in a powder form.

SIMPLE To Use Powder:

Because we put so much care into every step of our ingredients – from seed to harvest to our final cold milling into a fine powder, they‘re a snap to use. Readily dissolves into juice or water; or add to your smoothie or favorite recipe. Fresh, Pure, and Simple!

Experience This Powerful Superfood — Fresh, Pure, Simple!

  • Certified organic, kosher, non-GMO
  • "Pure Juice", no fiber = highly concentrated source of nutrients with optimal absorption
  • Fresh, clean, earthy flavor with no burnt/stale taste common to some grass powder products
  • Easy to mix in juice, water, smoothies, and more!
  • USA grown on a dedicated 200+ acre organic farm on organically enriched soils
  • Grasses harvested at first "joint" stage, the peak of nutritional potential
  • Each lot tested for gluten and guaranteed to qualify as gluten free
  • Absolutely no fillers, sweeteners, or other unwanted additives
  • Never unduly subjected to heat, solvents, oxygen, or other harsh processing
  • Peak harvest and cold-pressed juicing for optimal nutrition and bioactivity
  • Patented CO2 low temperature-dried through an exclusive Synergy process to retain full enzyme and chlorophyll profile, and to ensure freshness

Our young, tender, and vibrant emerald green blades of organic barley grass are harvested at the very zenith of their nutritional potential. They are then immediately and carefully juiced and dried under very low temperatures, removing all of the impossible to digest cellulose that our stomachs were simply not designed to handle (we aren't cows or horses after all!), while concentrating all the nutrition. Along with chlorophyll and hundreds of live enzymes, grass juice is infused with all twenty amino acids, making it a complete source of plant-based protein. And let's not forget the jam-packed roster of vitamins and minerals tucked inside, like vitamin K, beta-carotene, and iron. What doesn't the precious juice of these grasses contain?!

Many of grass juice's known cleansing and healing effects are due to its abundant chlorophyll content. Grass juices, when grown and processed with special care like we use, are also bursting with bioactive enzymes. One in particular is superoxide dismutase, or SOD, and it is indeed a "super" hero when it comes to protecting cells from free radical damage. Another rare natural enzyme is P4D1, a potent enzyme for healthy cell repair. Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder is truly one of nature's most perfect superfoods, offering a revitalizing spark to anyone's day!

Serving Size: 1½ teaspoons

Servings per Container: about 60

Mix 1½ teaspoons with 2–6 oz. filtered water or your favorite juice depending on if you prefer a straight-up barley grass “shot” or a mellower tonic. More or less may be used depending on your personal preferences.

Don’t love the taste of barley grass but want the benefits? Throw it in your morning smoothie with yummy fruits and veggies or in savory sauces and dressings. You’ll never even know it’s there (go easy, a little goes a long way)!