MSM Torpedos, 1200mg, pure, zero fillers, binders, or additives.

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MSM helps create smooth skin, thick lustrous hair, and strong nails.

MSM is not a medicine, a drug, or a food additive. It is a FOOD - a pure organic white sulfur powder. It comes from the ocean and is water soluble. Sulfonyl sulfur is found in plants, meats, dairy products, and vegetation. MSM is the 3rd largest ingredient found in your body.

Because of its collagen-building properties, MSM creates smooth skin, thick lustrous hair, and strong nails. MSM makes the tissues more permeable so that they may move nutrients in and toxins out with greater ease. MSM has a remarkable effect at neutralizing foreign proteins (i.e. allergens, toxins, undigested food) making it anti-inflammatory. MSM works particularly well in conjunction with vitamin-C rich foods.

Sulfur also has an indirect importance:

Because sulfur compounds play a role in many body organs and systems. Many amino acids, the building blocks of protein, have sulfur as a component. Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid formed from methionine. Taurine stabilizes cell membranes. Methionine contains sulfur, detoxifies cells, and is involved in pain relief. Carnitine comes from methionine and transports long chain fatty acids preventing accumulations of lipoproteins. Many B-complex vitamins interact with or contain sulfur. Sulfur is needed for insulin production.

If our body doesn´t receive the proper nutrition and the building materials it needs, it will produce bad, dysfunctional cells, deficient of the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell. If you´ve ever had a canker sore it´s because you lack something in your diet, possibly vitamin A or C. Your body tries to heal itself, but with deficient materials, it draws from other resources, and usually takes what it needs from the inside skin of our mouths leaving a sore on the inside of the mouth. If we give the body what it needs to heal itself, it will repair the sore in the mouth and the skin will become healthy again. If we want a good flexible cell, capable of maintaining good health, we need to supplement our diets with MSM, to enable the body to heal itself

MSM 99.9%
Fillers 0%
Additives 0%
Binders 0%