Chunky Bars, Almond, Fine & Raw Chocolate

$ 7.75

Raw chocolate chunky bars from Fine & Raw.

We start by sourcing the worlds finest cacao beans and specialize in clean ingredients lists. Our products are always organic, plant-based and next level. Our cacao is sourced from the highest quality and most ethical suppliers in Belize and Ecuador.

Our chocolates have been designed for the imagination, passion and joy within you.

We support positive change and adoption of enlightening ideas about the environment where ever possible. One of our long term goals is to be a fully solar powered chocolate factory.

Almond Chunky

Proceed with caution: this chunky may ruin your ability to enjoy anything more than you enjoy nibbling on it.  It’s all our fault. We’re very sorry for putting almond butter and cacao in the same room but we simply couldn’t help ourselves. We’re only humans [unicorns]. Anyway, almond chunky: game changer. Take it or leave it. Probably take it.

ingredients: raw cacao, almond butter, palm sugar, cacao butter, sea salt.