sandalwood of australia essential oil, santalum album, 5ml, live live & organic

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The divine aroma of this Sandalwood inspires an ambiance of peaceful contemplation.

Aroma: Deep, soft, sweet-woody aroma with excellent tenacity and a sweet, smooth dry down. Excellent fixative.

Our Sandalwood, Australian has a deep, soft, sweet-woody aroma with excellent tenacity and a sweet, smooth dry down. It has a little lighter character than a typical Sandalwood essential oil and displays deeper, woodier undertones. Sandalwood is world-renowned for its spiritual and sensual qualities and incomparable, calming fragrance.

Formulators will enjoy the versatility of an Sandalwood option for body care, skin care, and natural perfumes.

This Sandalwood essential oil comes from trees that are plantation grown using sustainable practices. In addition, replanting occurs on a continuing basis, thus it is guaranteed ethically harvested.

Sandalwood essential oil is a highly prized and versatile oil that has been used for centuries for its many benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of sandalwood essential oil for the skin, body, and mind:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: Sandalwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and redness in the skin.

  2. Antimicrobial: Sandalwood essential oil has antimicrobial properties that can help fight off bacteria and other harmful microbes on the skin.

  3. Anti-aging: Sandalwood essential oil has antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from free radical damage, which can lead to premature aging.

  4. Calming: Sandalwood essential oil has a calming and grounding effect on the mind and body, making it useful for reducing stress and anxiety.

  5. Astringent: Sandalwood essential oil has astringent properties that can help tighten and tone the skin, reducing the appearance of pores and promoting a more youthful-looking complexion.

  6. Anti-spasmodic: Sandalwood essential oil has anti-spasmodic properties that can help relieve muscle spasms and cramps.

  7. Aphrodisiac: Sandalwood essential oil has a warm and sensual aroma that is known to have aphrodisiac properties, making it useful for enhancing intimacy and romance.