jojoba oil, 1oz, live live & organic

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Golden Jojoba, has a light, faint, earthy aroma.

Golden Jojoba oil is said to be a great skin moisturizer, it helps balance natural oil production, and is rich in antioxidants. Over 97% of Jojoba is composed of an array of liquid wax esters (very similar to the esters that make up 25- 30% of human sebum).

Jojoba helps reduce excess oiliness of the skin.

It is believed that jojoba oil may help balance the skin's oil production. Applying jojoba oil to oily skin can signal to the skin that it has produced enough oil, potentially reducing excess oiliness.

Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help soothe irritated skin. It is often used topically to alleviate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The oil contains antimicrobial properties that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin, potentially reducing the risk of acne and other skin issues.

How to use Jojoba Oil:

  • Facial Moisturizer:

    • After cleansing your face, apply a few drops of jojoba oil to your damp skin.
    • Gently massage it into your face using upward circular motions.
    • Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores, making it suitable for all skin types.
  • Makeup Remover:

    • Apply a small amount of jojoba oil to a cotton pad.
    • Gently wipe away makeup, including eye makeup.
  • Hair Conditioner:

    • Apply a few drops of jojoba oil to the ends of damp hair.
    • Alternatively, mix it with your regular conditioner for added moisture.