Aquatonic AQ700 Alkaline Water Ionizer

$ 995.95
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The most recent addition to the cutting-edge line of Water Ionizers manufactured in Taiwan.

A cut above the rest using the most up-to-date technology with a contemporary yet classic design. An elegant, sleek style to suit your modern lifestyle and today's kitchen. Produces clean, quality alkaline ionized water for your everyday health & hydration. Filters out chlorine and sediment even without a house/apartment filter.

Ionized Water

The best sort of water imaginable. Our bodies are naturally negatively charged, and so is ionized alkaline water. Many people are under the impression that they’re drinking good water when it’s purified through reverse osmosis. This is not so. Minerals will be sapped from the body when consuming water that has had its minerals purged. Aside from recommending mineral/spring water above reverse osmosis, we take it a step further. The ideal water for the human body should be slightly alkaline, and this requires the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. 


H.A.D.   If we want to be healthy, we must Hydrate,Alkalize, and Detoxify (HAD) our body and mind, creating an environment of health within ourselves. Ionized Water is an antioxidant produced by electrolysis that Hydrates, Alkalizes, and Detoxifies the body when consumed.  Ionized Water is the healthiest substance we can put in the body because there is nothing better for us than water, and there is no better water than ionized water.  The most common cause of disease is that people don’t drink enough water, which leads to chronic cellular dehydration, where the body’s cells are unable to function to their capacity and serve the body as they are meant to. 

The Ionization Process

Making ionized water is an interesting, unique process. Put simply, the water enters into the Water Ionizer through a faucet. The water passes through a filter removing chlorine, and sediments, the positive and negative ions in the water are then separated and exist for only a moment before the ions once again merge with the water. Coming out of the two hoses, they will leave the ionizer separately in two different water streams. One acidic & one alkaline. Acidic water is good for cleaning and treating the skin. This video explains the process in greater detail.