Ejuva Program, 30 Day Intestinal Cleanse

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**Please allow up to 14 days for delivery on this item, they are made to order for ultimate freshness!**

The ultimate body cleanse system.

EJUVA is 100% RAW 100% Vegan 100% Gluten Free with 100% Organic and or Wild Crafted ingredients. EJUVA has over 90 Raw, organic and Wild Crafted ingredients that inspire the body to cleanse. EJUVA goes to great pains collecting their herbs to avoid the radiated, gassed or steamed herbs found in this country (legally labeled under organic).

EJUVA is the most pure, gentle, yet deeply effective body cleanse on the planet!

EJUVA is NOT just a Colon Cleanse! Ejuva cleanses the Liver, Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Gall Balder, (all the organs of the body) as well as your tissue, your entire Lymph system, your entire Alimentary canal from your throat to your rectum. And, offers specific herbs for balancing your hormonal or Endocrine system.

EJUVA uses no fillers, binders, excipients or heat.

EJUVA uses no fillers, binders, excipients or heat in their proprietary processing methods. We do not use Bentonite Clay as its Carrier as so many do. Clay (or dirt), with its 22% Aluminum content is acidic and dead. Clay dehydrates the human intestines and like everything acidic and dead costs the body in valuable Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Co Enzymes and Energy to expel from the human body. The human body is NOT designed to consume dirt. Instead EJUVA uses Ayurvedic fruits that are alive and organic for its carrier. These fruits not only do a better job at carrying out the toxins than does Clay. But the fruits actually have a nourishing effect on the body.

EJUVA is the ONLY cleanse that addresses the emotional side of cleansing with its vibrational elixir called Vibram. Containing pure plant oils and vibrational elixirs of Diamond, Gold, Quartz, Sapphire, Amethyst among others.

EJUVA is balanced!

Meaning you can do all your daily functions as normal when consuming EJUVA. In fact, most report feeling better while cleansing with EJUVA then they normally do.

Most herbal cleanses are 7 to 14 days, for those who believe your body can effectively cleanse in these short periods of time we at EJUVA strongly disagree. No matter your belief, imagine what your body could do in 30 days with the Worlds most pure cleanse consisting of over 90 LIVE herbs and NO chemicals or dirt whatsoever.

EJUVA freshness is also unsurpassed!

EJUVA is NOT sitting on some shelf under fluorescent lights waiting for someone to finally buy it. EJUVA isn't made UNTIL YOU ORDER IT! Not only wouldn't we place our herbs in veggie caps, we would NEVER place them in plastic storage containers for obvious reasons.

You are not what you eat, rather, you are what you assimilate. I assume that all my patients have a digestive/assimilation problem when they walk through my door. I run tests not so much to confirm this, but to determine how bad it is and what food types-carbohydrates, proteins, fats-they are not handling well. This gives me insight on which supplements to recommend. This is because at least 9 out of 10 westernized human bodies are not capable of assimilating all the nutrients from raw foodstuff. This test consists of measuring a person Indican vs. Sediment which is included in our “Health Through the Mail Program”. I think it important to note that EVERY TIME I test an individual before and after an EJUVA Cleanse the individuals assimilation goes up anywhere from 10 to 30%.

EJUVA has an on staff a Dr. and Nutritionist if ever there is an emergency or sound guidance is required immediately.

EJUVA offers powerful homeopathies that can be added to the body cleanse (or taken on their own) to kill parasites and their eggs as well as fungal infestations such as Candida.

Includes all the LIVE products needed to complete a 4 week Cleanse. This Cleanse includes 1 Power (236 vegetarian capsules), 1 Balance (236 vegetarian capsules), 1 Renew (213 vegetarian capsules), 2 Combi’s (330 grams of powder to mix in your shake), 1 Moflora (25 Grams of Ejuva's proprietary blend of Human specific Probiotics), 1 Vibram (30ml of Vibrational Elixir, included at no extra cost), 1 CD (simple to follow Ejuva instructions) and 2 Spoons (pre measured spoons for the Combi shake).