Kale Chips, Garlicky, 2oz, Glaser Organic Farms

$ 14.95
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The health benefits of Kale in a delicious and portable snack.

Kale is famous as a superfood because it is so rich in key vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, but some people have a hard time incorporating this dark leafy green into their diet. These crunchy, kid-friendly, and addictive chips will have your whole family begging for more kale.  They are fantastic served with sandwiches, as an afternoon snack, or crumbled atop salads.


Organic fresh kale, organic raw tahini, organic raw cashews, purified deep well water, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic raw agave, organic fresh garlic, braggs aminos, organic black pepper, french grey sea salt.

Shelf life:  3 months,
Refrigerated shelf life:  6 months