Olive Oil, High Polyphenol, Ice Pressed, Rallis

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Ice Pressed olive oil has been pressed in the complete absence of heat.

A dramatic 20-30 times colder than the cold-pressed olive oil; a critical distinction in terms of maintaining the oils’ nutritive and healing potential and to staking claim as one of the world’s only RAW producers of olive oil. Taste the distinct refreshing taste!

Climate, geography and altitude are instrumental to grow times and quality of olives. Our village, Soulinari is only a few miles from the founding epicenter of the Koroneiki olive variety; far enough inland not to be affected by the Mediterranean salt air and rests at an altitude 300m above sea level producing incomparable Koroneiki olives.

Quality CAN NOT be mass produced!

The wilder and untouched the topography the harder it is to farm but greater the reward. Olive trees require a heavy aggregate loam for optimum organoleptic flavour and medicinal value.

The Southern Peloponnese is famous for its Koroneiki olive trees. Gnarly, ancient and temperamental to cultivate; they produce an organoleptic balanced taste, that is distinctly fruity with grassy notes and hints of wild herbs.

Several significant factors impact the antioxidant value of olive oil.

Late harvest, mechanical agitation, slow to press, high heat and filtering. Choosing to buy pass these common trappings ensures our olive oil maintains the highest antioxidant and energetic value and its status as a “Raw Super Food”!

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