Release, Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser, 60 Caps, Body Ecology

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Biofilm cleansing with the help of Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser

The first and most crucial step in addressing gut imbalance, maintaining a healthy gut lining and a healthy inner ecosystem.

Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser is a combination of complex ozone, peroxide and other important oxidants in combination with enzymes - all designed to disrupt the biofilm buildup created by unwanted pathogenic organisms. The result is a unique dietary supplement with powerful oxidative properties that keeps the gut lining clean from microbes and protects the healthy community inside the gut. Your gut's SWAT TEAM is here. Try our deep cleaning, powerful enzyme blend today.

Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser Highlights:

  • Supports the immune system with the effects of ozone, peroxide and other beneficial oxidants*
  • Helps Restore gut balance by supporting the oxidative process in the digestive tract*
  • Research has shown that an oxygenated environment in your gut may help remove biofilms enzymatically*

Who is it for?

Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser is used as part of a protocol for people dealing with chronic dysbiosis and/or persistent infections in the gut, such as SIBO/SIFO or C.diff (often caused by antibiotic use).


What does it do?

In a nutshell, it breaks up biofilm layers that protect stubborn pathogens in the gut to help “reboot” your immune system and allow beneficial bacteria to thrive.

That’s where the 3 “Rs” come in:

  • Remove

To start repairing the microbiome, eliminate processed and toxic foods, gluten, and bad oils. Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser goes a step further to help detoxify biofilms where harmful pathogens like yeast, viruses, parasites, and bacteria are hiding.

  • Repair

Boost your inner ecosystem with nutrient-dense foods like cultured vegetables and Vitality SuperGreen. It’s formulated to help heal the gut lining, and is great in smoothies and broths too!

  • Repopulate

Here’s where we shine! Diversity is key. Our Probiotic Protein Shake, our starters, and our Probiotic Power Shots & Mixers, all nourish the good bacteria in your gut.

Dietary Restrictions

Non-GMO, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Nut-Free

Health Interests

Cellular Support, Antiviral, Autoimmune, Digestive Health

Suggested Usage

1 capsule, twice a day

Usage varies based on individual needs and the desired outcome, but in general, there are 3 main goals:

  • Seasonal Cleanse

Release Intestinal BioFilm Cleanser can be a powerful tool during an intestinal detox 2-3 times a year.

  • Every Day Use

Those looking for intestinal regularity and a heightened immune system may benefit from taking a maintenance dose of 1-2 capsules per day.

  • Immunity Booster

Taking a preventative dose of 2-3 capsules per day during cold and flu season may also be a good idea to strengthen the immune system. Enzymes bound with magnesium and ozone give it laxative properties. A cleaner colon means a heartier, more robust immune system!

Dosage Reminder - Start low, go slow. Personal dosage varies. Remember Body Ecology’s Principle of Uniqueness and adjust as necessary.

Magnesium + Oxygen = Your Go-To Daily Intestinal Maintenance

As always, it’s important to gauge your body’s sensitivity and never exceed the advised dosage on the bottle. Always check with your doctor or professional health care provider before taking starting any health plan or taking any supplements. The suggested dose for a 3-day or week-long cleanse is around 4-10 capsules per day, but please note: you may experience similar outcomes to a typical cleanse or enema.