sevillana olives, no salt, 10oz, live live & organic

$ 19.95

Raw sundried Sevillana black olives without any added salt.

Sundried Sevillana Uncured Black Olives -  Nothing but the raw olive which had not been cured, no salt added. However, This is Not A Sodium Free Food. Sevillana raw olives from the tree, sundried and placed in a jar. Ecologically cultivated, hand-picked & packed with extraordinary care, giving you an excellent choice that tastes the way nature intended.

These delicious naturally sun-cured, sun-dried raw organic olives will complement your culinary creations.

Ingredients: ORGANIC OLIVES.

You can marinate these un-cured Sevillana sundried olives in salad dressing, grind into pate's, marinate with spices and olive oil or water and sea salt or make a raw putenesca sauce...Some of our friends at first thought this sundried Sevillana olive was too bitter but then they developed a taste or "craving" for them. They are very filling, a great compliment to raw and vegan lifestyles. These Premium sundried Sevillana olives are hand-picked and put into the jars with no processing.

We can't live without these premium Sevillana sundried olives. Experience a plain olive right from the tree.

NET WT: 15.7 oz (10 oz dry weight). Contains pits. Large jar.

These are pint jars.

This is Not A Sodium Free Food.