Long Live Luxury


Live Live & Organic is the Louis Vuitton of health food stores; in fact, it was even recognized in Vogue magazine.

The store's private label Bee Yummy Honey Mask and Bee Yummy Skin Food were featured in the prestigious fashion journal and were also finalists in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015, a popular beauty blog. Bee Yummy Skin Food ($45, 2oz), an edible, handmade "Live Live"  signature product has been used by celebrities, makeup artists and skincare professionals. The store Owner and CEO, Christopher Dobrowolski, calls it the "best-kept secret in the natural skincare world."

Along with developing cosmetics, the retailer is "here to support your juicy and vibrant lifestyle." Dobrowolski opened the health food store in 2002 in the East Village, a popular downtown New York City neighborhood of young and old organic, vegan and vegetarian enthu­siasts. Despite the city's large number of health food stores, and after searching for natural ways to take care of his own health, as well as oth­ers, Dobrowolski said he dove right in to the competition.

The store has been embraced by the city as the best place for raw, organic, live and vegetarian health products, the retailer noted. "One hundred percent of the products in our store are organic and raw," the owner explained, "we are the only store of this kind in New York City." When walking in the East Village, res­idents and tourists may mistake the small store as a luxury boutique due to the elegant window display and store design- thanks to Gregory Allen, versatile graphic designer and pho­tographer in Los Angeles, CA, who helped design the facade.

Store Products

The store's space is divided equally between non-synthetic, whole-food supplements, raw foods, superfoods, raw snacks, organic skincare and makeup, kitchen appliances and books, Dobrowolski said. "We are unique ... the quality and meticulous selection of our products sets us above the  competition."  In addition to its unique design and exceptional products, the store offers nutritional consultations, as well as detoxifica­tion and fasting programs. "Our cus­tomers come for expert advice," he said. "We hold classes, lectures and workshops, and we host guest practi­tioners to provide private consultation for our customers."

The owner recalled a female cus­tomer who came to the store seeking to lose weight and improve her health. "She kept coming to our lectures to educate herself and to occasionally buy some foods and supple­ments," he explained. "She changed her lifestyle and her way of eating, and incorporated more raw foods, superfoods and non-synthetic supple­ments into her lifestyle." A year and a half later, the woman lost 100 pounds, going from 300 to 200. "She became an example and inspiration for her coworkers," Dobrowloski stated.

Private Label Success

This  ability to  help  others  was  also the inspiration behind the Live Live & Organic  private label line of foods and superfoods  that includes  such items as Bee Pollen, Ascolana Olives, Celtic Seasalt, Goji Berries, Hemp Nuts, Honey Cappings, Irish Moss, Kamu Berry, Maca Supreme, Mesquite Meal, Olive Paste and Oil and Papaya, to name a few.

In addition to the Bee Yummy Facelift Honey Mask and Bee Yummy Skin Food, other private label natural skincare items include Almond Oil, Bee Yummy Eye & Lip Cream, Happy Gums Healing Oil, Herbal Shampoo, Live Live Botanical Condition, Shampoo and Face Wash, Live Live Sunscreen, MSM Drops, MSM Gel with Aloe Vera, MSM Nasal Spray, Wild Propolis Tincture and Yummy Love Butter.

Bee Yummy Skin Food can be used as a moisturizer or rejuvenating and nutritive cream, Dobrowloski said.

Bee Yummy Skin Food is made from all-natural wildflower honey, honey cappings, bee pollen, propolis, St. John's wort oil, royal jelly, purified water and balsam fir needles as fra­grance. The main feature of this well-rounded, established product is the healing effect, he explained. "It is excellent to help heal a wide range of skin conditions:  burns, sunburns, open wounds and cuts, blemishes, bedsores, stretch marks, chapping, etc. We have reports from our clients that it has been very helpful for psori­asis, eczema, rosacea, poison ivy, and other conditions."

Live Live & Organic private label line has gained popularity across the country and retailers are offered wholesale rates on its products.

Dobrowloski also gives his customers the option to order products online and subscribe to the store newsletter.

Since 2002, Dobrowloski has built a unique, organic sanctuary for Manhattan, and a patented food and skincare line for the rest of the country, including the fashionistas.