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Moroccan Argan Oil for Skin, Hair & Nails

This rare and exquisite oil is meticulously pressed from the fruit kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree. Argan oil is rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E) and phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids, making it a truly luxurious oil. It absorbs quickly and is often used in skin, nail, and hair treatments to deliver deep hydration, strengthen brittle hair and nails, and prevent/reduce stretch marks. Wonderful for use in lotion and cream formulations, or used alone.

As an eye oil (meaning, around the eyes), Argan oil can help to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Simply apply a few drops on your upper and lower eyelids and gently massage in a circular motion.

Because it is rich in vitamins A and E, Argan oil is a natural moisturizer and conditioner for the lips. If your lips are chapped or flaky, Argan oil can restore the moisture and hydration for healthy and soft lips. Apply to your lips overnight for a terrific lip treatment.

Argan oil is traditionally referred to as “liquid gold”

It is packed with vitamins A, E and C, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin and hair and are used to protect against environmental damage.

More research needs to be done but it has been shown to have anti-aging properties as it improves the elasticity of skin.

Especially if you’re prone to dry skin, this silky oil can give it some much-needed moisture, thanks to its vitamin E and fatty acids. Research shows Argan oil protects the skin’s barrier and improves overall texture. 

Plus, if you’re struggling with eczema, psoriasis, or chronic dry skin, Argan oil may be your saving grace.

Moroccan Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help with minor scrapes, burns, and wounds.

A 2013 study even found that Argan oil improved the quality of hair that was intensely colored or dyed. It adds a protective layer to your hair that helps protect it from further damage.

live live & organics Argan Oil is sold in an amber glass bottle to protect nutrients from UV rays.

Pure undiluted Moroccan Argan Oil

Keeps well when stored properly (in a cool place (under 77 degrees F and away from sunlight).

Typical Analysis:

Color- golden
Odor- Light, distinctive, slightly fatty and nutty
Free Fatty Acids- 0.85
Peroxide Value- 5.7
Specific Gravity- 0.918
Saponification Value- 195
Fatty Acids Oleic- 42-48% Palmitic- 12-16% Linoleic- 30-38% Linolenic- less than 0.6% Stearic- 5-6%