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Protect the integrity, vitality and health of your DNA and cells, and support your lifelong wellness. Ten years in the making, this unprecedented advancement in cell health provides 20+ bioactive,...
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Protect the integrity, vitality and health of your DNA and cells, and support your lifelong wellness. Ten years in the making, this unprecedented advancement in cell health provides 20+ bioactive, organic whole food nutrients—all created exclusively by The Synergy Company. Cell Protector is your true insurance policy for healthy aging.

  • Supports and protects healthy DNA
  • Reinforces healthy cellular detoxification
  • Nourishes and protects healthy liver function
  • Contains 20+ powerful cellular superfoods
  • Supports glutathione regeneration – our bodies’ master antioxidant
  • Tested & verified levels of bio-active compounds (Glucosinolates, Myrosinase enzyme, Curcuminoids, Silymarin and many more)
  • More complete, balanced and tested than typical “detox” and antioxidant formulas

Why Do I Need Cell Protector™?

As we age, our cellular health is constantly at risk

Cell Protector™ offers cellular protection & lifelong support for healthy aging.

Ongoing and accumulated damage to our cells underlies many of the unwanted symptoms and conditions that plague us as we age, preventing us from feeling well and living healthy, vibrant lives. The good news is that science has identified a variety of distinct 100% natural phytonutrients from highly specific foods and botanicals that can have a positive impact on the “aging” process of our cells and DNA, and on our overall health. The trick for all of us is actually trying to get enough of them! Have you ever tried to eat an entire bunch of fresh watercress, a full cup of raw broccoli sprouts, a large piece of turmeric root, or drink a glassful of bitter artichoke juice, all in one sitting, let alone every day? Herein lies the challenge: most of us cannot (and will not) regularly eat the amount of these special foods and plants that research shows is needed to obtain their well-known health benefits. Cell Protector gives you the full spectrum of these powerful cell protectors in a single, super potent formula—your 24/7 insurance policy for healthy cells and healthy aging.

Our cells are faced with a daily influx of toxins.

Cell Protector™ reinforces your natural & vital process of cellular detoxification.

On any given day, we are exposed to all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxins, an inevitable result of living in our modern world. Even if we lived in a bubble, we’d still face a toxic challenge—one that actually comes from inside our very own bodies where harmful byproducts are produced by the everyday processes of living—like breathing, eating, moving, even sleeping. Most of these unwanted toxins require transformation—or detoxification—in order for our bodies to successfully eliminate them, a process that ultimately protects our cells from being “poisoned” and damaged. Our cells are working very hard around the clock to keep these pathways of detoxification clear. However they often can’t keep up and toxins overflow, leaving you at risk for the consequences. The full spectrum of proven compounds in Cell Protector have the profound ability to support and balance these detoxification enzyme pathways—and help keep those toxins out of your system where they don’t belong.

Antioxidants alone may not offer you full protection.

Cell Protector™ supports natural production of your most powerful antioxidant.

We have all heard of taking vitamins A, C, E, and other antioxidant supplements, but as valuable as they may be, they all pale in comparison to the inborn antioxidants our own bodies manufacture naturally—such as glutathione, our true master antioxidant. Glutathione has countless studies showing it is your body’s foremost guardian against the onslaught of damaging free radicals and toxins. As your ultimate DNA and cellular protector, no other antioxidant comes close to the benefits it can provide. Cell Protector, with its exclusive ingredients and synergistic formula, supports your body’s intrinsic production and recycling of glutathione. The best research shows that it is your body that knows best when it comes to antioxidant production. Support this natural process, and the body will make what it needs, in the right form, when it needs it. Cell Protector does just that, providing the necessary compounds so that your body can be fully supported to replenish its very own master antioxidant, glutathione, 100% naturally.

Protect your dna, protect your health

Medical research advises that we’d all be vitally healthy and live well over 100 years if (and this is a big if!) our DNA and cells were perfectly protected, detoxified daily, and maintained in a complete, health-promoting state. The challenge we face is that our 50 trillion+ cells with their DNA are bombarded every day, year-round by countless chemical, environmental, and biological toxins, all with the potential to do damage and seriously compromise our health over time.

As we age in this increasingly challenging world, it is clear that one of the best ways to protect our foundational state of health is by protecting the integrity of our DNA and cells. With our exclusive ingredients, processes, and years of meticulous research, we’ve created something never before offered to support you in this quest. Cell Protector unites an unrivaled array of the most effective, scientifically backed whole foods and botanicals designed to promote true cellular and whole body wellness. With Cell Protector, you get daily peace of mind that your DNA and cells are being cared for in the very best way possible.

A synergy of cellular protectors
From organic whole foods and herbs

Cell Protector was designed to contain a full range of the highest quality, most powerful cellular superfoods and botanicals on the planet—combined for the first time into a single, easy to take formula. The magnitude of researched ingredients is truly unprecedented. The 20+ unique ingredients in Cell Protector are created exclusively under Synergy‘s control, each grown in their native environment under pristine, organic conditions. Every one of the ingredients has been researched, tested and proven to fully contain the active, cell-protective compounds supported by advanced nutritional science—and are many times more potent than similar sounding ingredients in other products on the market today.

  • Organic Cruciferous Sprout Protectors: Our very own exclusive and proprietary blend of enzymatically active cruciferous sprouts to activate cellular detoxification and promote healthy cell protection. Rich in the highly researched glucosinolates and myrosinase enzyme, these sprouts are full of vitality and of the highest potency and purity.
  • Organic Concentrated Herbal Protectors: Our highly concentrated, verified pure extracts of turmeric, milk thistle, pomegranate, schizandra, and ginger are each full of life force and true powerhouses when it comes to healthy cell, DNA and liver function.
  • Organic Superfood Protectors: The highly researched and renowned cellular superfoods watercress, wasabi, caper berries, cilantro, and sprouted garlic make up this extraordinary blend. Each is uniquely grown and processed to retain unparalleled levels of their protective compounds.
  • Organic Live Juice Protectors: Vital, energized, pure juices from the time-honored herbs artichoke, dandelion and black radish nourish, strengthen, and restore your liver to support your body’s critical detoxification processes.