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Sacha Inchi, a Superfood from the Amazon

Plukenetia volubilis, commonly known a sacha inchi, sacha peanut, mountain peanut or Inca-peanut, is a  perennial plant with somewhat hairy leaves.  In indigenous amazonian language “Sacha” means “looks like” and “inchi” means “nuts” – literally “looks like a nut” – although they are actually toasted seeds.  The virtues of Sacha Inchi have been known by the indigenous peoples of Peru for many generations. Long revered as the “Inca nut”, lithographs recovered from Incan pottery suggest a tradition of Sacha Inchi use that extends back thousands of years. Chancas Indians and other tribal groups of the region extract Sacha Inchi oil from the seeds which is used for the preparation of various meals. Roasted seeds and cooked leaves are also an important component of their diets.

What are the benefits of using Sacha Inchi Oil?

Sacha Inchi seeds produce an extraordinary quantity of oil, yielding nearly 50% of their initial mass as high-quality raw oil.  An analysis of the EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) profile of Sachi Inchi reveals balanced lipids with significant amounts of Omega 3, 6, and 9.  It also contains a broad spectrum of essential and non-essential amino acids. This allow you to skip the fishy taste of those fish oils. Our oil is extracted from the raw seeds of the fruit through a cold-press procedure without heat or chemicals. The resulting oil is extremely flavorful, high quality and nutritious. The reason that the Oil is cold-pressed is that with the introduction of high heat the process of making the fine oil degrades.