Spicy Maple Cashews, 5oz, Glaser Organic Farms

$ 14.50
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Made with soaked and germinated cashews!

Our Spicy Maple Cashews are made from soaked and germinated cashews to enhance the nutrition of each bite.  Perfect for snacking right out of the bag, sprinkled over rice or vegetable dishes  (especially Thai food!) or used as a topping for grain dishes such as quinoa salad. Spicy Maple Cashews blend a touch of sweetness with just enough kick to delight your taste buds while nourishing your body with the long lasting energy and fullness that comes from protein and mineral rich cashews and the immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties of chili!

All raw Ingredients: 

Organic whole raw cashews, organic maple crystals, organic chipotle chili, Himalayan pink crystal salt.