Gluten-Free Snacks & Foods
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Curated to take the worry off your mind, enjoy these artisan snacks and foods that are free of Gluten.

Living Nutz, Sprouted and Flavored Raw Nuts
$ 9.50
These raw food nuts are not roasted or baked! All our flavored and unflavored almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts are made with organic/unpasteurized nuts! **************** Divine Chocolate Walnuts The name says it all...these walnuts are divinely delicious! Ingredients: Certified Organic: Walnuts, Cacao Powder, Agave*, Mesquite Powder, Vanilla Beans, Celtic Sea Salt, Coconut Oil. 3oz **************** Galactic Onion-Garlic Pistachios Pistachio lovers take note: this savory snack is hard to put down! Great for use in salads, casseroles, or any raw food recipe. Certified Organic Ingredients: Pistachios, Gluten-Free Tamari, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Olive Oil, Cayenne. 3oz  **************** I Love Vegan Cheezy Almonds An original recipe that tastes dangerously like real cheese! Certified Organic Ingredients: Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Gluten-Free Tamari, Red Pepper, Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, Lemon. 3oz  **************** Mayan Chili Pistachios A warm Southwestern delight; your taste buds will tingle with the flavors of culture! Certified organic Ingredients: Pistachios, Onion Powder,...