gluten free

Curated to take the worry off your mind, enjoy these artisan snacks and foods that are free of Gluten.

Sesame Nori Crackers, Glaser Farms
$ 12.50
Compliments salads, soups or any back packing trip! Delicately crunchy and very addicting. A sprouted almond and sunflower seed herb mix on thin squares of untoasted nori seaweed, dehydrated at low temperatures. All Raw Certified Organic Ingredients: Sprouted organic almonds and organic sunflower seeds, organic raw tahini, fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, organic rosemary, fresh organic basil, fresh organic parsley, fresh organic garlic, celtic sea salt, untoasted organic nori seaweed.2 oz.
Vegan Sour Cream & Chives Chips, Higher Power
$ 9.50
This chip is sure to satisfy that salty, crunchy craving. Organic, raw, GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free, paleo friendly and incredibly nourishing.  This chip doesn't make you feel blah - have them in place of any chip or cracker and you'll notice the difference - the taste is better than any counterpart + the gives you energy! Ingredients: All raw, organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic onion, organic chives, organic lemons, nori and Himalayan salt.
Nacho Nori Chips, Higher Power
$ 9.50
A healthy version of a nacho flavored chip. This is a new addition to our Nori Chip line. They are a top seller at our local growers/crafters markets and our co-op. It's our healthy version of a nacho flavored chip without the fats and artificial flavors. As always all the ingredients used are 100% certified ORGANIC. Ingredients, All Organic: Sprouted Sunflower seeds, Lemon, Onion, Nutritional yeast, Red pepper, Chili powder, Turmeric, Himalayan salt.
Onion Crackers, Higher Power
$ 9.50
Rustic old world style crackers. Formulated with a medley of tasty ingredients, bursting with onion flavor. This cracker pairs well with cheese, or raw vegan party dips. All ingredients are certified Organic and/or sprouted. Ingredients: onions, flax, coconut aminos, sunflower seeds, US. Pumpkin seeds, nori, smoked hot peppers, chili flakes and himalayan salt.
Pesto Nori Chips, Higher Power
$ 9.50
Pair these crunchy, salty, satisfying chips with your next savory meal or even have it as a snack! Imagine your favorite pasta dish with a creamy pesto sauce drizzled over it. This chip packed with fresh basil will redefine your understanding of what pesto is all about! These are better than your average store-bought chip and much better for you! High in plant-based protein  Raw Vegan  Gluten free Absolutely delicious!! Seven Simple Ingredients:  All ingredients are organic, and seeds/nuts are soaked + sprouted.  Sprouted U.S. Grown Pumpkin Seeds Sprouted Walnuts Onion Fresh basil Lemon juice Garlic Cayenne pepper Himalayan Salt & Nori