Gluten-Free Snacks & Foods
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Curated to take the worry off your mind, enjoy these artisan snacks and foods that are free of Gluten.

Pacari Chocolate Bars, Ecuadorian Cacao
$ 9.50
Single Origin: 100% Ecuadorian cacao Pacari has as one of its trademarks the process of origin. Meanwhile most of the cacao produced in Ecuador is exported to other countries, to be later processed into chocolate, Pacari preserves the ecuadorian ‘cacao fino de aroma’  and uses it  to create its worldwide renown bars. The company proudly produces the best organic chocolate in Ecuador. Made with Organic Cacao beans. The freshness of Pacari is due to its 100% production within Ecuador. In order to preserve the quality of our products, we strive to keep the highest standards of production with organic methods, which means that there is no chemicals employed in our value chain for the final product. Biodynamically grown. Pacari is the only chocolate company that has the Demeter Biodynamic Certification, which certifies that the raw material production keeps an auto-regenerative ecosystem which is free from, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Thus...